Mokume Jewelry

Artistry in Precious metal Laminates.

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Mokume gane is the japanese label for nonferrous metal laminate. I use a combination of silver and gold or silver, gold and palladium in a variety of patterns to create beautiful and unique jewelry. The patterns I create are distinctive, but because each ring is made individually by hand, your ring will be as unique as your fingerprint. With the patterns listed and the color combinations there are 150 possibilties available. You can choose a single color mix like the white collection rings below(with any of the gold choices and silver) or choose 2,3, or 4 colors. I use 14 karat golds for the best color vibrancy, except for yellow gold which is 18 karat.

Prices start at $2200 for ladies rings size 5-8 $2500 for mens rings size 9-12, 50% deposit required. Usual delivery within 30 days.

Pricing & Patterns

Mokume Gane Wedding Bands

The following prices for sterling silver and gold mix. You can have up to 4 different colors of golds incorporated into your ring.

Gold choices are:

14k Red

14k Palladium white

14k Green

18k Royal yellow

950 palladium

All patterns have 29 layers

These patterns all have 19 layers, I am working on some new patterns with 29 layers.

Color Collection